But don’t you agree, from the examples posted it doesn’t sound that good at all in its current form…?

Maybe ask over at Nuendo, as to what kind of success folk have had actually using it.

Don’t get me wrong - would love to have this capability right inside Cubase; would be a big help/timesaver. But, doing it properly obviously takes a great deal of effort and skill (SynchroArts VocAlign Pro etc.; look at the prices!).

(PS:- oh, and no need to shout… :wink: )

Yes yes yes !!! So much person I know are waiting for this function in Cubase !!! At least please inform us is there a plan ? Im about to give my money to SYNCHRO ARTS REVOICE… :frowning:

No official statements on this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was added in a future version of Cubase. I assume that it’s just not good enough for music work yet.

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro - it is simply the most amazing plug-in. It saves me hours of time (for example: time-aligning 3-part vocal harmonies, each part being double-tracked). It is like alien technology, or magic.

More unsung than the time-aligning function is Revoice Pro’s tuning. I think it is as good as, probably better than, VariAudio in terms of sound quality. It also has some cool tools line the one that lets you draw in the pitch tracing.

It is expensive, but I think it is the best DAW money I’ve spent.

I’d love to have it built into Cubase. I’d also be in the market for tools like Revoice or Vocalign if we had ARA!

Was about to buy 9,5 update , but realized that audio alignment is only available in nuendo, so I didn’t buy the update.
Staying on my cubase version 8.
Synchroarts does it for me for now.
Don’t need any other cubase updates besides audio align.
Actually the 2 features I would upgrade to 9.5 would of been ARA and audio align but cubase doesn’t have either , how sucks