Audio Align similar to PluralEyes

I was very excited when I saw the new “Audio Alignment” tool.

But what does it do? I can’t get it to align even the same file to itself!

What would actually be amazing is a feature similar to PluralEyes: select a bunch of regions, select “Align”, it asks which region is the master, and then all the others line up according to similar waveforms with that region.

An example:

You have a board feed of an entire performance recorded to a nice 2 track device with timestamping.
You have multiple mics around the theater for audience response/nat sound recording to cameras with no timestamping.
You have a multitrack of the performance on stage with no timestamping, that has been recorded in chunks.

Import all files to separate tracks
Select all regions
Hit “Align”
“Align” asks which region is master
Select timestamped board feed
“Align” analyzes the audio and syncs the files to the master region

(Oh, and DOESN’T change the file in any way. No stretching, shifting, pitching, nada. None of this “if possible” business)

If someone tells me that “Audio Alignment” can do that, please tell me how.
If someone has actually used “Audio Alignment”, pray tell, what for and how?


I ask myself the same questions

Test with shorter files?
I tried it aligning multi mic dialog from set and it worked great.

I do not think it was intended to be a plural eyes alternative.