Audio Alignment not seeing audio?

I am using Cubase 10 Pro on iMac 10.13.6, and am trying to use the “audio alignment” but it wont see the audio. I open the audio alignment click on the audio event and then click the add icon in the audio alignment panel but nothing happens.
I have a feeling that its because the track I am trying to align has multiple lanes? I have “glued” all the segments together…I feel I am missing something. It cant be that I have to “render in place” in order for the “audio alignment” tool to see a track that has been glued together is it? If so that is so bothersome/cumbersome. Please help me


In this case, Audio Part has been created (from the Audio Events). Please, Bounce Selection, to make Audio Event again.

Thanks @Martin.Jirsak I have not utilized (i am somewhat a newbie) this before is there a difference between “rendering in place” and “bouncing” what is it and can you point me in the direction of text/video to understand these two features.


Bounce Selection function replaces the original Audio Events/Parts.

Render in Place creates a new track and put the Audio there. You can Mute the source or leave it as it is.

So rendering in place sounds like a safer bet (if one is unsure whether or not the different audio “lanes” may be wanted in future mixdowns) if “Bounce Selection function replaces the original Audio Events/Parts.” Correct?