Audio alignment panel is greyed out in Cubase pro10.5

Hi Team,

I’m a PC user. A few months back i had upgraded by Cubase LE to Cubase 10.5 pro. And all the maintenance updates are done till date also.
Until now, i have never got a chance to use the ‘audio alignment panel’ in the Audio menu. Its always showing as greyed out and unable to even click on the option from the drop down menu. Could you please help me here. I can see other cubase 10.5pro features are working. And none of my clips are in musical mode.

I even tried creating a new fresh project with just the audio events for the alignment alone. I tried with various event lengths as well. Still the audio_alignment_shows as greyed out. I even tried trashing the preferences and still it didnt work as well

Could you please help me in here.
Attaching the screenshot also for reference.



Try to follow here, please.

Hi Martin,
I tried the options given in the thread you provided.

  1. Operating in safe mode
  2. trashing the preferences
  3. Changing the length of events
  4. bouncing tracks
  5. creating a empty fresh project

None of the above methods worked.

Could you please help me in any other options if available other than the above?



Have you tried the last advice? To split the Audio Event?

I have the same problem. Open Audio Alignment is always greyed out in Cubase 10.6.
I have tried splitting an audio part, bouncing a part etc- same result.

Can anyone explain the process please?
thanks, joe


Are you taking about Audio Events or Audio Parts? As far as I know, Audio Alignment works for the Audio Events only.

I’ve found the solution from a video- it’s not working from the drop down menu but from the Alignment Tool which of course needs to have been selected to show itself…
thanks, joe