Audio alignment panel missing

I’ve had an install of Cubase on this PC since V9, and I upgraded to Artist, then to 10 and now 10.5 and it occurs that I’ve never seen the Audio Align option. I was wanting to try and fix some double tracked vocals.

Having read through various posts, I’ve tried deleting preferences, I just had to resync the licensor because it objected to me changing my graphics card (I think) so I have an up to date licence refresh. There is no sign of the audio align in the installation anywhere, no greyed out menu option and nothing on the toolbar.

What am I missing (apart from the panel?).


This appears time to time here on the forum.

What operating system do you use? What graphic card do you use? Could you try to shorten the Audio event you want to align (maybe cut it to shorter parts)?

Thanks, I’ll give the snipping a try. I assumed that I should at least see a greyed out option. I saw a post with a screen shot of where the option should be so at least I know I’m looking in the right place.

Windows 10, 2004 build, NVidia GeForce 710.

Cubase Artist does not have audio alignment.

That would explain it!

Looking in the manual though, it is not marked as Cubase Pro only, which is why I thought it should be available. Checking the feature comparison table, I do see it is not part of Artist.

That would be their huge deal breaker!