Audio Alignment

There seems to be no correlation between the description of Audio Alignment in the manual and what is actually appearing on my screen.

So for example the manual says

“On the Project window toolbar, click Open Audio Alignment Panel.3.
On the Audio Alignment Panel, click Add Selection as Alignment Reference.”

There is however no ‘Add Selection as Alignment Reference’ on my screen.

I see other forum colleagues using this feature. What am I missing? :question:


Could you please send a link to the manual web page you are referring to? Please not in the PDF, but the page from the ONLINE manual version.

Could you also send a screenshot what you can see on your screen?

Well I am referring to the PDF. Do you mean the online version that looks like a dumbed-down version of the manual written for kiddies?

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I mean, which has exactly the same content as the PDF version.

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I see yes. The dialog actually says : Add Alignment Reference’ I missed that sorry.

In my haste I overlooked this minor typo. :blush:

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