Audio and midi data in one track?

Here is an image of a guys screen who also uses MIDI to control animatronics in CuBase. He seems to have the midi data under the audio voice track in the same track.

This is what I need to do and I cant figure it out…

Can anyone tell me how to do this?


Although it’s almost impossible to really see that image, I would guess that it is CC data, not audio data.

EDIT: I take that back, those are all audio tracks with automation. No MIDI data that I can see.

Ok maybe that’s what I’m after and I’m doing it wrong…

The tracks on that screen are audio files with MIDI signals to control 24v solenoids to time with the audio (moving mouths) etc.

Just wondering if anyone would tell by looking…

There are no MIDI signals on those tracks. He may have a plugin doing a conversion of CV to data like silentway. But the tracks as shown have no midi data at all.

well that’s confuzzling… So if I have a MIDI track which is timed to an audio track I can’t merge them all I can do is group them?

Can one be grouped and hidden behind the audio track? Just trying to keep the timeline as clean and efficent as possible…

To be honest I’m it’s not real clear what you are asking. I have no idea what merging MIDI tracks into the audio tracks even means. Having MIDI data aligned with an audio track makes sense. Merging it into an audio track does not make sense. We have a communication problem. The only thing I can think of is that whatever instrument the MIDI data was driving is now recorded onto the audio track and that you don’t want the MIDI track anymore. If that is the case, you could move the MIDI track to a folder, or make it small and mute it, or delete it all together.

You can’t set an audio track in front of or behind a MIDI track or vice versa. You can show/hide tracks, or move them up/down the list to set the next to eachother.