Audio and MIDI export/import issues

When I exported some audio and MIDI files from one project to another, I encountered an issue with each.

MIDI-The tempo and speed changes didn’t carry over with the export. Is there a way to have the time and speed changes from the tempo track be included with the MIDI export, so they carry over to the project where the MIDI is imported?

Audio-The imported audio files had no sound at all. I’m curious if I exported them wrong. Rate was 44.1 kHz and bit depth was IIRC 32. Also, how can I export a stereo track and import it as one single track, not two separate mono tracks? This option was called “interleaved” on my previous Cubase version.


Okay, I fixed the issues with no audio output. I used the “stereo output” option instead of “master”, used 16 bit depth, and checked Mono for non-stereo tracks.

However, I’m still having problems getting the tempo changes into the MIDI export.