Audio and Midi seem to drift?

Hi., I’ve had a problem with Cubase since 3.0 with midi notes recording early. I solved it years ago but I don’t remember what I did. Audio seems to be recording early too. For example: I was recording a guitar yesterday and I thought my playing was off but I pushed things over a bit and it all lined up.

The weird thing is that it seems like there is a “drift”. The first note of the loop will be on time and then the rest will drift for the duration. Likewise, the audio seems wonky too because the first half second is on time and then drift.

It could very well be my playing and I might have gotten into the habit of hitting the first note a bit late to compensate for the drift but I’ve recorded midi in (Reason for example) and it all records on time as played/heard.

Windows 10, more than enough RAM and CPU, MOTU 896mk3, and NI Komplete midi controller.

I have a feeling like it’s due to the way the MOTU interacts with Cubase but in other DAWs, I don’t seem to have that issue.

Thanks for any advice.