audio and midi track setup for external synths

Hey guys, So I have been lucky enought to land a Dave Smith Mopho x4 and an Moog Little Phatty stage 2.

Iam trying to set them up in cubase, which I have done and seems to working and recoring fine both audio or midi when needed.

I have noticed that when i select to record the AUDIO track of my keyboards, the note has a different tone than when i select to record the MIDI track and play the same note. It almost has a phasey effect to it, too. but when it plays back it sounds fine.

I have my synths input coming from the synth to audio track and the output to stereo out.
I have my midi track input routing from synth and the midi track output routing to synth.
*both input meters are displaying signal at the same time, is that where this phaseyness is coming from?

What is the deal behind this? have I got it setup incorrectly or is there some explanation?

Please help,


Actually on closer testing, it looks like the little phatty works fine for both MIDI and AUDIO. so just the X4 that does the different tone/phasey effect.

Does it have something to do with mono and stereo? ie does a stereo synth need a different setup to a mono synth?

Maybe you still have the keyboards MIDI/Local Switch On?

yep, sounds like midi feedback to me too.

cheers fellas im gonna try this tonight.


yup, fixed. works like a charm.