Audio and Sound quality

Suddenly there are no sound from all audio files??? Can anybody halp me please.

Also I have a problem with sound quality. After export audio mixdown wave file sounds very flat and low when play back through winamp or other player . Project and audio mixdown created in pool sounds ok . Help please

Can’t help - no info provided. What does “no sound from all audio files” mean? It can mean a ton of different things. There are about 10 questions I can ask you right off the top of my head.

This has been covered to death - try the search function.


Aloha j,

Jeff is right. There has been lots’a chatter on this topic.
If you can not find any info on this board, start here: at gearslutz

HTH (hope this helps)

I wanted add to my project some audio files but i can’t play it back coz there is no sound .Can’t hear that sound