Audio Bounce doesn´t work 6.0.2

Tried to bounce two audio clips together to one clip, but it only made a new file from the second clip and didn´t “glue” them together.

Has it ever done this? Export will do it though (as I’m sure you know).

works just fine here… did several tracks yesterday to consolidate a bunch of edits… was perfect.

I reported this before and the key to reproducing the bug is that bounce does NOTHING when you have lane view visible. Crazy, right? You have to hide all the comping lanes and it will bounce fine.

Hope they fix soon as the most likely bouncing scenario in my workflow is when I’m bouncing a final take from a comping session and seeing all takes in lanes is, of course, the way you typically do this :wink:

Here is the original message:

Looks like they did NOT fix this in 6.0.2, unfortunately.


Classic Steinberg.

I guess I´ll have to wait for 6.1 then. (sigh)