Audio busses (Cubase 6.5 & M-Audio Fast Track Ultra)

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Just built a new system (Win 7 64-bit, Cubase 6.5, and bought an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB device) and I have a question about busses and routing.

I used to run an M-Audio Delta 66 card, and I could record into Cubase from stereo inputs 1&2 and 3&4, as well as from the main stereo monitor, out of the soundcard. Recording from the main stereo monitor out of the card, meant that I could record from one (or more) tracks in Cubase, down to another track in Cubase (because Cubase would record the output of the soundcard.

With the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, I can only seem to record (into Cubase) from the stereo inputs 1&2 and 3&4. I can’t work out how to record the stereo mix coming out the Fast Track Ultra. That is, I can’t seem to work out how set up the busses, so that Cubase is recording the output of Cubase???

What I really want to do is get Cubase to always record the full mix coming out of the soundcard, and just mute the inputs on the soundcard when required. Does anyone know the best way to set this up on a Fast Track Ultra, and in Cubase busses?

Also, if I’ve got about 100 projects from Cubase 4, with the old Delta 66 busses set up. Do I need to re-do all the audio busses on all the tracks in each of the projects again? Or, is there a quicker way? Like, is there a way can you set it up the busses in Cubase, and have them apply to old Cubase 4 projects when you open them, or do you have to go in, track-by-track, in every old project to change them?

Respect for anyone who takes the time to read all this, and gets back to me.

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The Gloom

You can record from busses within Cubase, you don’ t need your soundcard to suport this - see Cubase manual.

New busses can be assigned at startup, in the “missing ports” dialog. set to the new soundcard’s ports, check “map always” and save the project. this will change the assignment for those busses globally


Why do you want to record your outputs and lose quallity of signal in cables? Use Audio Mixdown function.

Depending on soundcard, you do not necessarily need cables to record the output bus… Apart from that everyone should use what they what they want to if possible.

Agree: If is possible. :slight_smile:

I just can’t see the reason, why do it his way. In my opinion, this capture from output has sense, if you want to record audio from YouTube, or some audio-treaming, etc. Mixdown in the Cubase is much more reliable, and faster (if you choose non-realtime).

But of course, the way is up to you.

OK, thanks for the advice, it really is helping!!

So, I’ve worked out how to record or mixdown the way I used to. You just set the input for the track you are recording in Cubase, as the output bus. I’ve also worked out you can set presets on your input & output busses, so you can just open up old Cubase 4 projects, then click VST Connections, and select your preset input and output busses, and it maps the whole project. E voila!!

The only questions I have now is, how do you record from YouTube and such? With the Delta 66, I could record whatever the computer was playing, because you could record the monitor on the soundcard. The only way I can think is to physically cable a stereo output into a stereo input on the Fast Track Ultra, then add a bus to Cubase & record. This seems a bit long-winded. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for any tips. I’m in bus hell at the moment. Worse than Sydney busses, if that’s possible!!

The Gloom

There are some apps, which can do this. Do you use Windows or Mac? Unfortunately, I don’t know any, I’m not using this, thanks to RME TotalMix. :wink:

I use a program called Wavepad from NCH (free download) to record any digital signal on my laptop. Very easy to use, just hit record and save file in any format you choose preferrably mp3. NCH gives you a 30 day free trial, but if you re-download it after the trial sometimes you just get it for free. I swear by this program!!!