Audio CD from Montage - how?

Please forgive me, but I cannot find this function anywhere.
Workflow is this:
1 - Create Audio CD - import tracks.
2 - Convert as Audio Montage (I need to check the track markers are correctly aligned)
3 - Correct markers as needed in Montage.
4 - BUrn CD from Montage.
5 - Er - how the heck do I do this? The “Help” files are no help at all here, and something that was very simple to do in WL6 seems to be almost impossible. All I can find in the Montage is to make a Data disc or a CD-Audio disc from a DDP image, which is not what I am looking for.

I need to do it this way as the tracks are badly edited (not by me) with track markers right up at the first piece of music, which is unacceptable unless I am using a set of segued files. CD players need time to lock down on the streams, and less than 2 seconds can cause problems. I do not want to set a generic silence, as not all are wrong.

It sdeems I have lost functionality in this over-complicated new workspace and am desperate for a pointer.
I must be missing something - but cannot think what.

Hello Neil,

simply create a fresh Montage for Audio CD
then drag and drop audio files or open with File selector tab
open the Markers tab and CD tab
select wave (clip) then right click on audio file (clip) create
CD track markers for clip or let the CD tab Wizard do it for you
un-tick options in the Wizard dialog that you don’t need

Audio File Windows > Basic Audio CD tab
Audio Montage Window > CD tab

you find Peripheral in Work Space > Specific tool window (tabs)
or if right clicking on Window Top bar (below Menu bar) inside WL
different tool depending if Audio Files or Audio Montage windows

don’t forget WL Help and ? in many dialogs everywhere inside WL

regards S-EH

This is making no sense to me at all - I must be especially thick & stupid today.
Check the screenshot - I see no CD tab at all in the Montage window. It’s just not there.
In earlier versions it is a nice, clean icon that is simple to see, but I am not seeing it at all.
I have also tried the help files (from within the Audio Montage), and all it talks about is the CD Authoring window, which is the “Basic Audio CD” dialogue and not what I am looking for. The markers get added automatically in my workflow (it is faster) and I want to convert the Basic Audio CD to a montage, adjust the markers visually and burn Audio CD - this is the way I have done this for years now, and how much simpler could it be?

This is on Windows 7, 64-bit in case it makes a difference.

Ok then start with Audio Files window and go

“you find Peripheral in Work Space > Specific tool window (tabs)
or if right clicking on Window Top bar (below Menu bar) inside WL
different tool depending if Audio Files or Audio Montage windows”

in the Basic Audio CD tab you have Convert to Audio Montage

regards S-EH

I know about the “Convert to Audio Montage” in the Basic Audio CD.
This is how I normally do this stuff. What I need to do is this:
Create Basic Audio CD, add my tracks, convert to Audio Montage, adjust markers & burn Audio CD.

I must be old & stupid as I do not understand the first part of what you wrote either.
I have searched every drop-down menu and hovered over every icon in the Montage, and cannot find a way to write the montage to an Audio CD. I can make a data CD/DVD, I can write an Audio CD from a DDP image, but I cannot seem to turn my montage into an Audio CD - I cannot find the menus that handle this anywhere.

It looks like some tool windows are missing in your workspace.

That was it.
Why they were missing, I do not know.
Uninstalled/Reinstalled and now I have the missing bits again.
Hurrah - and many thanks.

Studie the Workspace menu and you get everything
what the WaveLab 7 is all about, I’m saying this in a helpful way
You can setup to what you need and you don’t need to reinstall WL.

Command bars
Specific tool windows (same as Peripherals windows)
Shared tool windows

when you have then made some different Workspaces to your liking
Save as in the menu Workspace > Layout> Presets or even in Global menu

regards S-EH