Audio CD import - Trim Silence option

Today I had to import a replicated CD using Wavelab, in the CD import options I noticed a “trim silence” option.

What silence is it meant to trim, and I’m I correct in thinking that if I need to make a DDP that is exactly like the CD, I would NOT want to trim any silence?

This option means: the “zero” samples at start and end of the tracks are removed before saving the files.

Thanks, I didn’t even know this was a possibility.

What setting do you recommend if I want to import an exact replica of an audio CD to an audio montage?

This depends on what you want. If you want to respect the timings, you should have this option Off.

Thanks, I do want to respect timings in this case and I did turn it off. I basically wanted to import the audio CD exactly as it is, to a montage so I can make a DDP for their overseas manufacturer.

It’s not the best method but the original mastering engineer is not available and unresponsive so this is all they have.