Audio CD Report Custom Image

I’m finally getting around to attempting to add my studio logo to the audio CD reports I generate. It seems that WL increases the size of the source image though so it’s giving me troubles.

I finally found an image size that sits well at the top of the report but when Wavelab generates the report and the size of the logo increases, it looks a bit fuzzy.

I’m not a graphics person at all so I am having a friend help me who has more skills. Is there a suggested graphics size/resolution for that image file?

I’ll attach a zip of the source file I’m adding to the report and also what the result PDF looks like.

Is there anything I can tell the graphics person to get this looking better? The size of the logo on the PDF is great for me, but it’s clearly bigger than the source logo and therefor making it look fuzzy on the PDF.

We have a huge source file to start with so that shouldn’t be a problem. (940 KB)

Your friend and your graphics person should know better than I, but I think it should probably be 300dpi or vector graphic. I could be wrong but I think it’s 72.

Try this version? (16.9 KB)

Thanks! Using the file that you supplied seems to still produce a fuzzy looking logo on the Audio CD Report and it’s about twice the size of how it looks when I open the logo file directly, so it’s as if Wavelab is making the logo bigger which makes the resolution look worse.

I’ll attach a copy of what the report looks like, and the source AI file which should be plenty big for this purpose.

I appreciate the help. Does anybody else experience the header image they choose getting bigger? (1010 KB) (925 KB)

I don’t think it’s getting bigger. It’s not getting bigger loading the png and pdf side-by-side into one program on Windows.

I would call it a display oddity in Mac Preview. If you open both the pdf and png in Mac Preview, the pdf logo image will appear larger (even though both the pdf and png are set to display actual size), but if you draw a selection box around the logo on both, they display the same pixel dimensions. I think it’s a display oddity with pdf in Mac Preview. If you make an html file (instead of pdf) from Wavelab and it opens in Safari, it’s the same screen size as the png.

As far as what to ask the graphic person, I would just send them your png, and ask for a tif file for printing with the same dimensions at 300dpi. and no jagged edges. Your dimensions are 300 x 83. They should be able to do that from the AI file I would think. Or you could do it yourself from the AI file (which is an Adobe illustrator vector graphic file), with other utilities. I’m not good with vector graphic files. Had to make one once trying programs other than Adobe, and it was a lot of trial and error. But it’s probably a breeze for anyone else, and there are even free online converters that theoretically (if I understand right) could take your less than ideal png and make a high res copy using vector graphics. Supposedly you can do that with logos, but I don’t really know much about it, other than what I’ve read.

Edit: Just found out png is lossless. Didn’t know. So I ‘guess’ png would probably be as good as tif.

I’m wrong. The logo width is different on the mac pdf. Tight selection on your png logo is 269 x 75. Tight selection on your pdf logo is 254 x 71. The pdf logo is getting mostly widened visually, but the numbers don’t show that, so I really don’t know. Windows not so much change. Maybe the proportions are not constrained.

Thanks for looking into it Bob,

I did notice that the logo looked better when I generated a HTML report but then the report itself also looked much different and I prefer to go direct to PDF anyway. It was a bit of a clue though.

When I was starting with a larger logo file it was to the point that the first letter wouldn’t even fit on the report even though when looking at the report and logo side by side in Mac Preview the size seemed reasonable.

I’ll send my graphics guy the source AI file and ask for a TIFF file back and see if that works better.

How it is now isn’t a huge deal but I just wanted to see if I was doing something wrong or if there was a trick to it. After 5 years of using WL I finally got around to trying this.

The same behavior happens with a TIFF file. When I compare the size of the source TIFF to how it looks on the report, it’s bigger on the report which makes it kind of fuzzy looking.

With an HTML report, the size of the logo is the same as the source TIFF and looks good but saving the HTML as a PDF (instead of printing it) causes a slight increase in the logo size again but not as much as direct to PDF.

Very strange. I’ll attach a screen shot. On the left is the straight to PDF from WL. In the center is WL to HTML saved to PDF. On the right is the source image.