Audio CD report design


I think that this is not fair, this powerful software need an Audio CD (vinyl) report beautiful and mostly customizable so we can add any information we need/want.

Any chance that will happen in WL12 ?


Like what?


  • Vinyl format and information
  • Add the engineer’s name
  • Choose the date format
  • Add the album name and artist name to the header
  • Choosing the width of the columns

Basically, being able to use any metadata in a sheet that we can tweak so that it looks nice (I mean, nice to me, of course, it might be different for other people and that’s why we need customizability) and we’re proud to send it to the client :wink:

Thank you

It’d be good if you could post a picture/screen grab/PDF or a link, showing examples what you’re aiming for. May give clues as to how the current reporting output might be tweaked/improved (without too much sweat.!) for a future version. :wink:

You’re right of course.
Despite the fact that I am not a designer, here are some design attempts.
I can provide the originals Page documents if somebody want to make it better

PQ Sheet.pdf (52.8 KB)
PQ Sheet 2.pdf (52.6 KB)
Vinyl tracklist.pdf (45.3 KB)

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The Audio CD Report is in much need of a major overhaul. It should not take 3 pages of a PDF to show the basic info of a 12 song album. Your designs are already much better looking.

The current WaveLab design has WAY too much wasted space and is very inefficient. It pains me to send one out with every project like this, but customizing each one via HTML is not a practical solution.

Hopefully a native solution can be found.

I always have to make a separate PDF for sides A and B, but I love your solution of having each side on one PDF.


+1!! I have to say, this has bugged me ever since I moved over to WL: inability to customize the report and the fact that simple CDs end up using multiple pages for a simple report. If I’m QC’ing a DDP from WL I’ll just use Sonoris’ PQ sheet as it’s much more readable and compact, but not every delivery is a DDP…

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my sheets aren’t entirely dissimilar to Ashok’s. i keep templates in WL and enter the info manually for each project. i’m sure that’s what everyone else does… and it works well. tho i do agree that the sheets can get too long. i like to keep them one page.

oh, and for vinyl i simply add the SIDE info

Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 10.02.03 AM

Yes you’re right and the craziest is that I just realized that I never (!!) thought to do it manually.

I think the main reason is that I want to avoid mistakes as much as possible so I prefer to enter the data once and for all. If changes have to be made, I have only one place to do everything. Also this is a bit time consuming so I prefer to spend time setting up some good templates and that’s it (like I did for the audio export formats and naming scheme).

But I guess you’re right that this can be a solution for now.

yeah, it’s worked well for me. i keep various templates in the REPORT section… “vinyl side A, 48khz” “cd” “cassette side B”… etc… and all i need to fill out each time is artist/album/label info.

Hi there,

so it looks like the redesign of the audio cd report is not part of the new release, so I wrote a little utility that can help create a streamlined tracklist PDF based on XML exports.

It is particularly useful when creating vinyl pre-masters using CD track groups.

It is far from perfect and I am not a programmer by any means, but it suits my needs at the moment.
Let me know if you think of anything that could be done better or anything else.