Audio CD Report Time Formats

I’d like to be able to print simple minutes and seconds (with a colon) track times. It looks like you can do it, but if any tracks are less than a minute, it just prints the number of seconds, no colon, no 00 minutes, just the number of seconds, like the number 43, which is really strange. Can it be made to indicate a 43 second track as 00:43, as I usually see it elsewhere?

I don’t have all the options in mind. Did you check the “Value Format” dialog?

Yes. That’s what I’m using. It has a selection for mm:ss, which works as expected if track times are greater than or equal to one minute (one minute prints as 01:00), but track times under one minute just appear as an integer number (ie a 43 second track just appears as the number 43). I need it to appear as 00:43 or preferably 0:43, like in other programs.

Also, I think there are some duplicate entries in the Value Format dialog.

iTunes does it nicely, dropping minute leading zeros. Like 3:32 or 0:54.

I note this for the future.