Audio CD Report WL 11

I have tried creating an Audio CD report in three different versions of Waveland and the result seems to be very different. Is there any way to make Audio CD Report look like it did in e.g. version 9.5?Test WL 9_5.pdf (46.3 KB)
test WL 10.pdf (48.5 KB)
Test WL 11.pdf (45.6 KB)
Test WL9.pdf (46.0 KB)

Currently no. The changes to WaveLab 11, are the result of users asking for a more compact layout.

I’m not a professional graphic designer, but I liked the older layout much better at first glance. It would be nice to be able to go back to the older (WL 9) layout.

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What aspects about the older ones do you like better?

My main compliant is that prior to 11 (and still in 11 to some degree), there was a lot of open unused space, hard to follow column and row layouts, and it shouldn’t take 3 pages to show a normal album.

It was never something I was proud or thrilled about sending to my clients because of how it looked.

Most of the others I have seen/used can show an entire album on one PDF page in a very clean and efficient manner.


I agree with you that there is a lot of unused space in the Audio CD report, especially when CD Text is displayed. The new WL 11 layout has very thick cell borders compared to WL 9. I also don’t like the narrow page layout overall (WL9 was more sympathetic). To be honest I’m not thrilled with either, but I would take the WL 9 layout as better. Since WL 10 I prefer to export the Audio CD report to HTML and then edit it to send to the client. I prefer not to send a direct PDF report. After all, even the way the Audio CD report looks is a bit of a reputation of the studio.

I’m not wild about it either, but since I also have Sonoris DDP creator on my production computer I actually use that to generate the PQ sheet i send off with the DDP.
I customised it with the studio logo and branding so although its an extra step it only take a second to open a DDP and create/print a PQ sheet for an album

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I’ve heard of a few people doing this too. WaveLab can do a studio logo, I just wish it could be more pleasing to look at overall and more compact (vertically too) so that a normal album can comfortably be on one page. I believe it can be done.

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