Audio CD Report

Does anyone know how to locate and edit the template for the CD Report? Earlier versions of WL (I recently jumped from v.4 to v.7) alllowed us to edit the RTF and save the changes… making them part of the template (enter “Engineer Name”, Company name, phone, fax, etc.). I’m sure I’m missing something simple… help?

The system has changed, it’s not based on RTF.
In upcoming version, you can customize the header.

Too bad. It was simple and effective. I realize that there isn’t going to be much need for CD duplication documentation going forward, but the formating/look of the current CD Report is less than professional. Thanks for the quick reply and explanation!

Yeah, I’d have to agree: if we’ve gone from RTF to some built-in text editor, pimped a bit with a custom header, this is a big step backwards. It’s always nice, and on mac at least very simple, to automate “pretty PQ lists”. Your competitors certainly create text files the OS can tweak via script. For an in-plant facility, library or a label, this would be a deal breaker believe it or not. Many times the titles and customer data are merged with PQ codes in a single-click script. I’ve used PC mastering systems, which also seem to support text-based files and scripted customization, so it’s not entirely a mac thing (if at all!).

If you’re cutting many masters each day, manually editing text is a luxury you can’t afford.

WaveLab produces HTML, you can edit it…

And very well it works too.
It’s a shame the RTF functionality has gone though, as it renders all saved & archived reports for clients somewhat obsolete if we cannot open them in WL any longer as they never did open properly in Notepad or Wordpad or whatever it is called. Can we have this back as a preference, please?

Where in the program can the engineer add his or her name to the project as being the engineer and it be displayed on the Audio CD Report? :open_mouth: It would be really great to be able to add the studio contact, label, project information as well.

In upcoming 7.1 version.

I too am missing the rtf CD report. We use Wavelab in a live concert recording production workflow. In Wavelab 6 we generated an rtf log file that is archived along with the audio file, listing track starts and names, to be used if the file is opened in a DAW or wav player that does not recognize cuepoints. That way the user can find track locations & names by referring to the rtf log file. In Wavelab 7 it is possible to save as html and edit in Word to generate the log file, this could be scripted I suppose; but I would much prefer a comma or tab delimited text file.

Would it be possible to add this functionality?

Since a request for a pure text output comes back sometimes, I note it for the future.

We generate audio files of live concert recordings for our music library. Along with the audio files we create report files that indicate track start time and duration. In Wavelab 6 we created a customized rtf file that showed start time relative to the Montage. it does not appear to be possible to do the same thing in Wavelab 7. The ‘Start time (in Audio Montage)’ checkbox is only enabled if the ‘details’ checkbox is also selected, however this includes track pauses which clutter up the report file (for our purposes). Conversely, If ‘details’ is not checked and ‘Start time (on CD)’ is checked, then the start times include the 2 second offset for each track. My request is for the ‘Start time (in Audio Montage)’ checkbox to be enabled when ‘Details’ is not checked so I can generate a simple report file that includes actual start times relative to the beginning of the File.


My solution would rather be: possibility to disable pause display (new check box), if “details” is checked.

PG, perhaps you might consider expanding the text export functions from the marker tab. I am mostly interested in a text export of marker positions and durations related to the audio file. In Wavelab 6 I did this by opening the file in a montage and creating a customized CD report. Since many of us are moving to a file-based workflow and do not make CDs, integrating this into the marker tab makes sense I think. I would like a simple text file with three columns: Track name, track start and track duration, with a total file length (time) listed at the end.

Don’t you get what you need with these settings?..

[quote=“PG”]Don’t you get what you need with these settings?..

No. I have posted about this before but in a different thread. There are two problems with the CD report file. First there is no plain text export and second, the report includes the 2 second pregap in the track start times unless I check the ‘detail’ checkbox. But then the report is cluttered with the track pauses.

I’ve been playing with a Perl script that converts the XML export from the markers tab into a text file. I expect I can figure out how to launch that using Wavlab’s scripting, but it would be nice if the program offered us this functionality.

Generally, I think it’s a good idea to export info to text files. I’ll see what can be done.

Konrad, I want the same thing you do (text export), and like you did, I do this from the CD report options in WL6, but I need all the data (pauses, track ends, times, titles, ISRC, UPC) for export to custom labeling and record-keeping. I do this with the ASCII Wavelab 3 report in WL6 because it suits my purposes better than the normal Audio CD Report, and I format with scripting after the export using only the data I need. Until the CD is completely dead, I’m going to continue to need export of ALL of the data currently available from the WL6 ASCII WL3 CD report.

I use this capability for multiple purposes: Reports to manufacturers, covers, custom reports for clients (ISRC only, etc.) What took 5 seconds in WL6 can take 10 minutes in WL7.


I am reviving this thread to renew my plea for a simple track listing text file. Not everyone is using CD as their deliverables, many of us are using a file-based workflow. Presently the CD reports are intended more-or-less as a PQ log for a CD master. What I would like is a simple text file listing track names, start times, referenced to sample 0, and duration.

Is this a possibility?

This should already be possible.In WaveLab 7.2.1, switch to the “Raw Text” tab in the Audio CD report.
The select Customized in the first box, and select a text file that you will have created before. This text file should contain simply these 3 lines: