Audio CD Report

Excellent, the text listing is scriptable now so I can customize it as I want. Thanks.

As help, you can find the text preset files there:
WaveLab 7\Factory Presets\Presets\AudioCdCueSheetTemplates\

PG, perhaps you can help me with the scripting for the text report files.
First is there any reference available for this?
Second, I would like to list montage start times, not CD start times, is there a field for that?
Third, I’d like to pull info from the file’s metadata to populate a header, are there fields for the metadata?


  1. I found an old description, but that should be valid:
    CD.pdf (84.2 KB)

  2. I’m not sure what you mean, as a Montage always starts at 0.

  3. Not possible. Maybe in WaveLab 8, as more meta-data support is planned.


PG, it is not possible to do what I want with the current functionality of the audio CD report. I realize that the report files can be edited, but it is really a workflow issue for us, I am trying to make this as simple and direct as possible. I am copying from my earlier post.

And you replied:

Any chancee of this making it into the next update?

I have noted this request for next update. I will try fit it in schedule.

What about track performer variable? What is it?
Looking for a simple list like

  1. Song Name - Song Performer (song time)