Audio CD Report

I’m new to Wavelab 8 having just upgraded from WL4, don’t laugh. Could someone please tell me how to add Artist Name and CD Title to the Audio CD Report? In WL4 it was CD tab/Functions/Edit Text Variables, can’t find how to do that in WL8.

Can I import my .fpr presets from WL4 into WL8?

Thanks in advance!


Did you try this?

Hi PG. Yes I can create the report but I’d like to add a field for Artist and CD Title. I now see that I can use the “Custom Text” box to add text to the report, but I was hoping to have it auto populate as it did in WL4.

BTW so far I’ve been very pleased with the work you’ve done on WL8, thank you.

That’s a way. Or what about using CD Text?

Ideally I’d like for it to display in the “Header” area of the report and not need to display CD Text.

They custom text fits the bill, no?