Audio changes pitch on macbook pro m2 (sample rate the same)

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if others also have this issue.

As i export my track from cubase. The audio is downtuned a bit, but the song is the same length. I tried different sample rate settings.

In cubase the file sounds the same as the mix/recording, but when i open it in the finder or the itunes app it is slightly downtuned.

Very strange and unusual.

I use an mixpre 6 mkII as an audfio interface, but even if i switch to internal audio the problem remains.

Who knows how to fix this.


So what actually was the problem. I was fiddling with the sample rate settings in ┬┤studio set-up┬┤, but when i changed the sample rate in ┬┤project setup┬┤ , everything came out fine.

Hope this helps anyone else.



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