Audio changes tempo/pitch when exporting audio


Has anyone ever experienced Cubase Elements 8 the resulting audio changing tempo and pitch? It feels to me some sort of sample rate error - usually a pitch shift and tempo increase correspond to writing a FASTER sample rate than what I recorded audio at, if I recall correctly. However, I have double checked and my hardware (M-Audio Fast Track Pro) and project are recording at 48 kHz, which is what I tell it to output. I’ve tried a .wav and .mp3 file and it’s the same…the odd thing is when I load the audio back into my project it will shift back down and play at the correct tempo. However, when I listen to it outside of my project, I hear it at the wrong speed/pitch.

Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible my hardware is secretly recording at a different sampling rate than it says?

Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide.

Hmm…I’m not sure why still this was happening. But I’ve actually found out if I change the PROJECT rate to 44.1 kHz everything seems to go back to normal pitch and tempo. Will still investigate, it may be possible that my Fast Track Pro simply can’t record at 48 kHz even though it says it can?


This is it. You have to use the same Sample rate of the project, and the Sound Card.

I got exactly same problem with my Lexicon Lambda. Project is setted up to 48khz and 24 bit. No matter how I export audio - MP3 or WAV or anything else still its exported in higher pitch.
Funny that my keyboard KORG nanokontrol is playing higher pitch in software synths !!!
Please help !


Is your Audio Device also set to 48kHz?