Audio channel Pitch

Hello everyone,
is there any easy way in cubase to change audiosample pitch with some slider or knob?
I mean the similiar feature to Ableton’s Transpone function or pitch function in drum rack
or like in fruity studio audio sampler?

I cannot find easy way to tune the audio sample. I think it should be like the settings of audio channel.
We have paning, volume, fade in out etc. but I miss the Pitch correction and it is really annoying to use
process -> audio -> pitch shift and render it… than UNDO and try another tuning… UNDO … another tuning etc.

Thanks for the tips!

Cubase has transpose - also for audio - simply check the manual…

But when you want to use it life as Effekt than a plugin or Rewire Live might be better,

or maybe the time-line, with the “ElastiquePro - Tape” as audiotrack algorithm (strg+p).


I mean Realtime-pitch.
I think something like this will be really cool FUTURE REQUEST feature:

Have you tried PitchCorrect, the plug-in on page 38 of the Plug In manual (“Correction-Transpose”)?

Yes, but it is not so handy.
If you want to edit several things at once in one place.
But it works relatively fine.

Maybe those plugins also be useful: