Audio channel recording with vst instrument

Have been searching the web and this forum to achieve a simple thing in Cubase 7: To record an audio channel from a vst instrument. Have seen this solved from other versions of cubase with (in my opinon) rather messy routing through busses. Have not been able to do this in Cubase 7.
Is it not possible to do this directly through some instrument type?
In Ivory I can easily get a recording in both midi and audio.
How can I setup my projects to achieve the same in Cubase?

Have been working in IT (and playing piano) for many years, really thought I could fix this in no time, but this is my third evening with no results. Maybe I am just not smart enough for Cubase :wink:


No problem with that, but maybe you can tell me how to do this?

Either you do “export - audio mixdown”
Or if you actually want to record in realtime, you need to do it via a summing bus. In order for it to work, you must not create a feedback loop, and stereo sources must be reorded to stereo tracks.
And yes, it is rather messy, butthat’ s how it is…

Well, if I direct my instrument to a self defined output bus, i cannot connect that bus to the input of an audio channel.
Neither can I connect the output of an instrument to a self defined input bus. Could be this was disabled to disable feedback in the version I am using. (7 Elements)
That was the way I had tried.
Or did you mean something else?

If I understand this post correctly, it wil generate audio channels after the recording is done, like a freeze on a separate channel.
Nice work, but I would like to see the waves while I an playing :slight_smile:

This must be something so many people do or what?

Route Inst. Ch. to group or not connected output and select that as input to audio track.

Can send to group, but not take input from it. Can send group or instrument to an self defined output channel, but not use that as input for an audio channel either, audio tracks only take sound from input channels, and to finally input channels cannot be used for output from instruments or groups.

You don’t send to a group, you select it as the output of the Inst. Ch., the group is then selectable as the input of an audio track. Just to clarify, you are using MIDI tracks and the full C7?

Tried with instrument tracks, and the midi tracks I am offered when I add a vst instrument to my list.

No, 7 Elements, feel that it already has too many functions :slight_smile:
Also have some older versions that came with my Yamaha CP5 and S90ES, but never really used them.
Now I got Ivory 2 and windows 8, an SD disk, and i bought a new Cubase to really use…

Could have saved a lot of time by saying this off the bat.

Did write this earlier, are you sure that is the reason?
Can create groups, and input and output channels and connect them in Elements.
You have a better version an can connect outputs to inputs?

Yes, he is…

Sadly, it seems that routing from group/user busses to audio channels isn’t possible using Elements.
(this is perfectly understandable given it’s position/price in the Cubase lineup imo.)

However, there are a couple of slighty flawed workarounds if you need this kind of functionality.

Option 1 - If you have a spare input/output bus on your system, you could simply route the VSTi to a separate physical output, connect that to a spare input and then select that as the input on your audio track.
Obviously from a technical viewpoint this is sending your sound through the AD conversion process and back more than would be ideal, but depending on the source material and quality of your audio interface’s converters this might not be a big deal in most practical situations.

Option 2 - Use a “routing” plugin (such as the freeware “JS stream”) on the VSTi channel and an input buss (real or “dummy”) to stream the VSTi output directly to an audio track.
The main problem with this solution (at least on my setup), is a slight fixed delay on the audio track compared to the “live” VSTi output and also increased CPU usage.
(although this is using the JS stream 32-bit VST with 64-bit Cubase, which may explain the CPU usage and/or delay)

The other option is to upgrade to Cubase Artist or higher , but I understand the appeal of using a version that has a more limited feature set, so I hope this helps.


Ok, thanks for your help, everybody.
Think i will stick to recording directly in Ivory, it autorecords in and output, midi and audio. (ok, costs more than Elements)
But must say I feel disappointed in a program with such a depth of functions and options to not not be able to do such a basis kind of recording.
Audio and MIDI in one go, please mr. Steinberg can you press this into Elements 8.0, like an instrument type.
Or, add VST instrment, and you get a question: Do you want a midi or an audio channel with that? Yes miss, please, thank you, I take both!
I would upgrade!

well, I guess you have to accept some limitations when using the entry-level version.
(I would personally sacrifice some other functionality for this feature too, although I still think Elements is a great value package overall).

I use the first option I detailed if I ever really need to capture the audio out from a VSTi.
I’m not saying it’s an elegant solution, but sound-wise I don’t detect any noticeable loss of fidelity and I have enough spare ins/outs to not require any patching/rewiring. Of course, this might not be viable depending on your setup and how heavily you use virtual instuments ,etc…

I might upgrade to Artist/Full C7 someday, but I agree that it could be made a bit easier to directly route a VSTi output to an audio track. (I never really understood the need to create additional busses, other than to keep the input selection tidy)

Well Bonso, I am sure your solution could do what I asked for, but for me Ivory itself solves my requirements well enough.
But I have been working in IT forever, and tend to adhere to a priciple called KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), or Do Not Make Me Think!
If a program makes me use my brains for what I would think of sinple things, I will not use it and find something else.
Instead of buying Professional or Studio which I could afford if I wanted to, I would rather buy something else that works more eleganly, and write off my investment in Cubase as a loss, I am that stubborn I am afraid.
Should probably rather send this to development instead.
Nevertheless, I am grateful for you finding a solution to my post, will use it if I will record other instruments than piano, an not found a simpler program.