Audio channels mysteriously panning

Hi folks. I’ve run into an odd thing in my big template, and it’s driving me a little nuts. While working on various cues, something is causing channels to randomly be panned fully to the right. It’s intermittent, seems to be happening on channels that I’m not working on at all, and while I can always pan them back to the centre, it’ll occasionally happen again. I can work around it by writing actual automation centering the channel, but I’d rather prevent than fix.

I have Metagrid Pro setup on my iPad Pro for MIDI control as well as a ChoiSauce MIDI fader box, and there’s also an old Euphonix-era MC Control connected to the computer, but not turned on. I’m not sure where the mystery controls are coming from, can anyone suggest where to start looking?

I’m on Cubase 12 Pro on a 2019 MacPro running Catalina.


I’d suggest to first switch off one of those, and look if it happens again. If it does, switch off the next one, and so on (process of elimination).
If you then know which device is causing this, go from there. Ask yourself what you are doing exactly with that and try to reproduce.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I ended up stumbling across the solution by accident. I use buttons in Metagrid Pro to select different PLE presets that display different combinations of tracks (strings, winds, brass, etc.). Looks like the problem’s coming from hitting those buttons while recording, it’s sending some MIDI CC data behind the scenes (CC9 & CC20), and that’s causing the panning issue. If I don’t hit a button while recording, it seems to be fine.


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