Audio clic mute and demute randomly Problem !

Since my last upgrade to cubase 6.5 I Have problem with the click :
When I put click on , The click sound is muted and demuted randomly. It’s the same in play or record mode.
I’ve never had problem with click before !
I run win 7 64 bit and run cubase in 32 bit mode.
I did not notice the problem with all other versions before.
So I tried to downgrade cubase to 6 and the problem is the same…
Please help me to find that bug since I can’t record proper midi with cubase :imp:
Thanks in advance.


nobody helps ?

Thank you very much man :slight_smile:
It seems to works now !

Just have to connect the two default output bus.
Or have to disconnect it and uncheck the click to that buss.
Thanks, thanks again, I was pretty close to go crazy.

Hope this bug will be corrected.