Audio click doesn't work in Metronome.

Suddenly “Audio Click” makes no sound in certain projects. Specifically with any projects created using my favorite template. I can’t figure out what might be in this template that causes audio click not to work, when it works in my earlier projects, or any created with any other template.

Note: the Metronome works fine if I use Midi clicks, it just won’t play audio clicks, no matter whether I use “Beeps” or sound samples.

I’m thinking I must have a switch off somewhere in preferences, but I can’t find it. Help, anyone?


Does your template use Control Room?

no. and inexplicably, the problem seems to have fixed itself. I must have done something, but I can’t imagine what.

Press F4 and see to it that under your audio device the click track is enabled.

What an odd requirement. And thank you Rommelaar! You are the best.

I’m having this same problem, metronome randomly stops working in some projects.

The problem is I’m in Cubase Elements, and it has no control room, so there’s no way to re enable it. I realised it works again if I delete the preferences folder, but it’s annoying to have to re configure everything again.

Any idea? looks like it’s and old and really really annoying bug in Cubase.

I have exactly the same problem.
I have tried deleting prefs as well - no go.
However if I quit cubase, then open it again and start a totally new blank project, it works.
But if I then close the test project and open the ongoing project, no go.
It;s a real drag not to have a click track pumping away when recording to a tempo based project that speeds up /slows down etc.
Any help please?