Audio CLick Out Bus or audio track of my choice please

Please have a destination for the audio click in the prefs for the audio click setup.
I want to be able to put this on a bus or track so I can ride the volume with a midi controler.

Thank you

You can create a midi track, put Beat Designer with, say, 4/4 sidestick on it, get its output to, for example, Groove Agent and bus the output of it to whatever destination you want and ride it. That’s a workaround I can think of now.

I would like this feature also improvements to the metronome such as a visual conductor with polyrhythms. The metronome in Cubase is so simple. I need to have multiple time signatures and multiple tempo tracks at the same time.

I have a midi track but I would prefer to use the build in click so when I have meter changes it just changes with it. I get tired of editing my click track after I put in a bar of 6 for example.

Well, is this even relevant when metronome hits on every 1/4 anyway?

I have a different click for the downbeat so I know where I am in the bar if I can’t see the screen. Not always in front of the computer when I am recording. Recording is the reason for the click issues I have. I want to be able to mute it at a certain point of ride the volume and automate it so I can shut it off to prevent click bleed at the end of a piece for example. Basically I wish there was a metronome track that I do not have to make in my templates and manage every time I use odd meters. Thinking it would be a simple request. My other issue is routing of the click. If there was a “Metronome track” that had all the routing that instrument tracks have that would be perfect and the most flexible. I have survived this long without it. I know the workarounds, I don’t need any extra work though. Somehow I find time to post on this forum however :slight_smile: Thanks for engaging. (cumulative time managing my click track is probably a few days at this point)

“every time I use odd meters. Thinking it would be a simple request”

I totally get your point.
I think, Tempo Track has this functionality for time signatures and odd meters. I don’t think Steinberg will consider having 2 separate features to do the same job. It would be logical and easier to just get volume automation, some time signature features and routing for Tempo Track instead of creating a separate Metronome track.

Yes. If I can route my audio clicks from the metronome setup to a bus that I create specifically for click, that would solve my issue completely.
Transport / Metronome setup / Click Outputs
right above or below “Activate Audio Click”
There is where I would like to see the ability to assign the audio click output to a bus.