Audio Click Track

Hi Guys
My 1st Post so please go easy on me
my problem is with playback of an audio click
I need an audio click for my backing tracks so the drummer can follow
I create a bar with a sample ‘up click’ and 3 ‘down clicks’
then copy this bar across the track for the length of the song
but usually at the beginning the 1st click comes in late and the following 3 clicks fine
it should be something like 1…2…3…4…
but its coming out …12…3…4…
once the track is running for a few bars the click seems fine
the edit window shows the click spaced out how it should be
so I’m stuck, I’ve tried freezing it, bouncing it
anyone got any ideas please

BTW using Cubase 6.05 64 bit pc on win 7 64 ultimate
many thanks


I think, this is problem of “start of ASIO driver”. What sound card do you use? I had very similar problem to with some sound cards before. Start of sound was slower.


hi martin,
i’m using an m-audio firewire 410
anything you can think of that will solve this annoying problem??


M-Audio didn’t have the best driver. :-/ And the 410 is older model with older circuits, and drivers. And drivers for Windows 7 (especially the last one) are really prolematic (in my reseller experience). Unfortunately, I have only one advice: try to use different sound card. You will see (hear).


hmmm thats a bummer…
need an audio interface with at least 4 outputs, prefably usb as i think i’m gonna get a decent laptop
any recommendations ?