Audio Clicks when Video Playback Aero


I´ve been avoiding aero until nuendo 7 cause always have had some audio clicks problems when using it.

Now that nuendo 7 is here it seems that Aero is mandatory. Is this correct or is there a way to avoid Aero?

Regarding to Aero problem:

It seem that when using HD video on Nuendo 64bits timeline and Aero theme in windows 7 64bit I get random clicks on playback. As soon as I disable all visual effects and goes to no transparency windows classic style the clicks disappear.

Video playback onscreen monitor via graphic card output.

Any Ideas??

My system: Gigabyte X79-Ud5 Intel I7 quad 64gb Ram. Graphic Card: nvidia NVS450 4 monitors. Audio card: SSL Mx4

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.