Audio clicks with mouse movement?..give this a try...

I recently built a new Win10 system, and have had trouble with audio crackles/pops/dropouts with cursor movements. It was highly predictable, but nothing I tried worked. I will save you the gory details. If you’ve had this problem, and you’ve tried to find a solution, you know what I mean. I found this tip on youtube as it related to the display flickering with mouse movement. Thought I’d give it a try, and it’s working very well with audio. I would say works 99% of the time. Give it a try if you’ve come to the end of your sanity.

In Cortana/Search Windows type: main.cpl

Click on the first option.
Then hit the Pointer Options tab on the Mouse Properties window.
Check the box for “Display pointer trails” and adjust the slider to short if you want a minimal trail.

I hate mouse trails, but the shortest trail is barely noticeable and works well

Good luck.

Hi, I just found the same fix and it sorted things out here too. Wonderful after trying a hundred other things to no avail!

Do I understand right, that you solve the problem by activating the pointer trail option, with the minimal setting? I can hardly believe that, as this option requires more CPU (while the opposite would make sense).
Please share the youtube link to mention.