audio clip after an undo, and unused clips in general

I often start a take, and realize at some point that I’ve botched it. So, I hit Stop, and cmd-Z to undo. The clip conveniently disappears from the track. My question is, is the clip deleted from disk, or is it still there?

As a related question, is there a way to find out which of the clips in the Audio folder are unused, and candidates for deletion from the disk? That might include takes from a multi-take track for which no part is in use.

All you have to do is open the pool (or the project audio folder) and look if it is still there, the poo, even gives you the location in case you forgrot where you set your project folder. Very simple to try yourself.

Right click in the pool and use remove unused media.

Yikes! Looks like when I undo (cmd-z) the record, the file does indeed go away from the pool, BUT, the file still remains in the project’s audio directory. That’s a bad outcome. I can’t get rid of it with “remove unused media” from the pool window, because it’s not in the pool. So I guess I’d need to go into the project directory and manually try to figure out whether each clip is used or not?

This is the worst of all possible worlds. If it stayed in the pool, unused, that would be OK. If it was removed both from the pool and the disk, that would also be OK. But to have it removed from the pool, but stay on the disk - that’s a problem!

Yes, highly dramatical…
Look a little bit closer - itˋs in the trash. Simply delete the trash - done…

Aaah. Yes, you’re right. I hadn’t looked in the trash. Looks like it does exactly the right thing.

Thanks, Sven.

Fyi… make sure you realize that the pool trash folder works like the OS recycle bin. Once you delete the file from that trash folder it is gone.

Regards. :sunglasses: