Audio Clip Size Change Bug (Cubase 13 Rev 13.0.30)

I discovered an oddity today while trying to change the length of two selected (crossfaded) audio clips at once.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add an Audio Track
  3. Add an audio clip of your choice, make 3 copies of it and place them behind each other
  4. Crossfade these three clips into each other using Audio-Fades-Crossfade
  5. Select the 2 right clips of the bunch
  6. Look for the boundaries/width-handle of the first selected clip (the second of the overall three clips that fades into the last clip) and move it around in the x axis

What I expect to happen:

  1. Size/Length change only for the selected clips

What instead happens:

  1. Size/Length change for clip 1 (which is unselected) and clip 2, clip 3 remains unchanged

You can see it in action here:

Works as expected on my side, is it possible that those are shared copies of the original clip?

Yes they are all the same clip, just at different positions.

I could only test this on Cubase 13 for mac, not windows.

Also make sure you have them all crossfaded into each other like in the video.

After I try this and the clips are a bit shorter (so they don’t crossfade) it seems to work normally again. It really somehow depends if the clips are overlapping each other.

Yes, I got that, I was referring to real vs shared copies:

No, they are not shared copies.

I tried to use 3 completely independent audio clips and the same happens:

Looks to me like some counter is off by one, accessing the wrong item in the selected objects container.

This does not with MIDI events, as they can’t be “crossfaded” naturally :wink:

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Can’t repro… but then again, shared copies are not working as I expect right now on my Mac :exploding_head:
I’m also on a different build, I’ll check it more in detail later on. Cheers.

I’m on 13.0.30 if that helps…

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Guessed it, I’m on a couple different later builds… not aware of anything that happened in that area between these builds, though. I might contact you via PM (in case I need your prefs folder or other info). Thanks!

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Sure, let me know!

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I changed the last instruction as follows:

Make sure you’re not trying to resize the wrong clip. It needs to be one of them that is 1. selected and 2. inbetween the other clips - and crossfading!

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Bug found on Windows as well. (Cubase 13.0.30 Build 226)

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