Audio comes out on the output of the UR44 unit when I play a video files on the PC

I am a newbie in using Cubase that need a lot of help.
when I play a video file from the PC, the audio automatically comes out from the output of my UR44. Is there anyway I can disable it? and only add a track using the input of 5/6 if I want to. I am putting the audio output from the PC into 5/6 input for my application.


If you use any Windows video player (so not Cubase) then this is the system (Windows) settings. Don’t set your UR as the primary Audio Device in the system. Set your built-in audio device (if this is the one you want to use).

Sorry, I don’t get this part of your message.

I don’t own a Steinberg audio interface, but to my knowledge, Steinberg interfaces are multi-client capable on a Windows system. This means you should be able to use the same audio interface for different applications at the same time.

No, I think Martin means your output device setting in Windows.
You should be able to setup dedicated outputs on your UR44 for default Windows audio.

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Thank you, this is what I mean. Sorry, I don’t user Windows. But I expect, there is a Sound somewhere in the System Settings.