Audio coming in before Click (Making click out of time)

I’m recording a band at the moment and it’s as if the project file corrupts or something (as it’s happened to two projects so far) as I load up old project files and import the audio into it but they inevitably develope the problem after a while.
Also the audio is recorded in time with the Click not the recorded audio, so you can’t even record without the click.

I have been contemplating re-installing cubase but I expect the issue is something to do with the project files not cubase so I’d imaging the problem would persist.

I’m running Cubase 6 in windows 7 with an intel core i5 i2500-k 3.3 ghz with intergrated graphics.

Any help will be really appriciated thanks :slight_smile:

Also I realise now it seems to have relation to when I switch between project files in cubase, because it just happened to another of my files on a different song -_-

Is musical mode correctly enabled? If so, it is sometimes necessary to disable then re-enable it every session. :neutral_face: Sometimes.