Audio comping with PLE Macro like Pro Tools

Hi, I posted this on the Nuendo forum, Thought it should be here too. Hope this helps someone in doing comping of audio. Seems to work good. Many Many thanks to Greg Ondo of the Cubase Live Stream.

Thank you very much! I will try this technique

Great. One thing to remember, in order for the colors to copy with the track is the event has to be colored. This is different, at least in Cubase than the track color. Select the track and then color with the color tool. Pro Tools has a few things that I wish Nuendo/Cubase would have, like the ability to adjust the cross-fade without pulling up the cross-fade editor and I still like the way Pro tools highlights the audio making in a inverse color of the track color. We have asked but that doesn’t seem to make the list.

Good luck.