Audio conections not remembered?

Is there a way to avoid to set the audio connections preset everytime a new project is created?
In other words a way to set Cubase to remember last audio connections used?
There’s no problem creating new projects as long as Cubase remains open but as soon as close it and open it again it forgets the audio connections and is necesary to re select the presets for inputs,outputs and control room.


Save the project as template…?

I was thinking about that last night…let me check and report back.

I had this problem on occasion in Cubase 10, never in Cubase 10.5… But it never had that problem after I did save a preset in my connection manager

Save the project as template…?

Yep,that did the trick


Its a pity though that you have to take this route. The option is there (in Cubase 10.5) to store presets on the audio inputs page. I store one, and move along to a new project I want to work at… bu often, when I go to the audio inputs page, the preset I previously saved is not available (only factory defaults are visible)… is there any other solution for this, or it it simply a bug that needs to be reported?


Cubase should have the ability to set one setting as the default. Having a default that requires the user to select a preset every time makes no sense. Most of the time most of us launch Cubase in the same audio environment. If it changes we can create or select a different setting. Why make users always select this every time?

The really confused me when I first launched Cubase. Now it’s an annoyance, which really isn’t necessary.

It is beyond STUPID!!!