AUDIO Configuration issues

Create a project and go to “Edit > Preferences…” and select AUDIO tab.

1- If I change the parameter “Audio Driver”, the driver is changing on the fly (it is ok).
But the parameters “Sample Rate” and “Buffer Size” are not following.
I have to close this window and re open this window to see the “Sample Rate” and “Buffer Size” accorded to the selected driver.
Moreover, same behavior if I change only “Sample Rate”

2- If I choose the driver “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”, the “Buffer Size” seems to be uncorrect : only value 441 for 44100 sample rate, only 480 for 48000 sample rate, only 960 for 96000 sample rate.

3- If I change the Buffer Size, I close the window then I reopen the windows. The Buffer Size has not changed. If I open the driver Panel (“Open Panel”) and I change the Buffer Size in the driver panel, the Buffer Size is changed (But we can see the new value only after closing the AUDIO window and reopen the AUDIO window.
If I go to “Devices > Audio Setup…”, the Buffer Size cannot be modifyed.

4- The “Preferences” window should not be at the foreground regarding the windows of others software. Please see below (screen with previous version but same behavior with V1.1.10) :

… 1, 2, and 3 are fixed. Thank you!
… 4, we are looking to it.


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