Audio Connection config tips

Over the last few days I’ve installed some new equipment that caused me to extensively reconfig my Audio Connections Inputs in Cubase.

That got me thinking that Cubase Audio Connections are one of the more confusing areas - especially for folks new to Cubase or worse DAWs in general. But it is also something that needs to get figured out right at the start to get anything to work at all. The Ops Manual is of course a good first stop to explain the basics.

So this thread is for the little tips & tricks that might get overlooked when struggling with the basics. Hopefully others will add more tips and others their questions.

It can be useful to create multiple input buses that use the same physical I/O. The classic example is one stereo buss and two mono buses for each side of the Stereo. But take this example. I have a mono bus defined for every physical input and named after that input:
Mic/Line 1
Mic/Line 2
Mic/Line 3… etc.

But it turns out that first bus almost always has a mic that is setup on a guitar amp cabinet. So I have an additional bus named “Guitar Cab Mic.” Both Mic/Line 1 & Guitar Cab Mic are talking to same microphone out in the room.

So why do it? One thing is that it makes it easier to glance at the MixConsole and find that guitar. But beyond that the bus named Guitar Cab Mic has 2 inserts that are not on the other bus - a noise gate and a tuner. So depending on which bus is used as an input one is ‘optimized’ for general audio and the other guitar.