Audio connection presets question

This keeps happening in Audio Connection.

When I try to load a newly saved preset the older preset (that one I deleted) is listed & the newer preset I just saved is gone…
How do I fix it?



Could you provide step by step instructions, please?

Hi Martin,

It’s very straightforward; delete a preset then save a new preset.
Open a project & the old preset is there & the new preset isn’t.

BTW this has been occurring for a about year now. Not sure which version it started in, maybe 8.0. I have tried re-installs, deleted all user files, prefs…

Could this be related to older projects? Are Audio Connection presets strictly global or per project? Is there a file I can check or edit?


Audio Connections Inputs and Outputs are project related and store with the project. Studio is system related and global settings.

So if you load a project, you get the projects’ Inputs and Outputs.

If it’s presets per project then that makes sense. Still I get the newer presets showing up in older projects ( ones I never saved to the specific project) Is that to be expected?

Yes, the presets are global, of course (same as other presets). So you will get all presets in all projects. And the settings of the every single project.

Thanks Martin, I understand it now & appreciate the explanation.