Audio connection problems - UR22C to Cubase LE AI elements 11

I recently purchased a Steinberg UR22C. As part of that I installed Cubase LE AI elements 11 on Windows 10. The installation was successful.
I am using a Rode NT1 A mike that I have plugged into Input 1 of UR22C. I am able to record on Audacity on Windows 10.

However in Cubase I get a missing URC22 Input error. This is stopping me from creating my voice recording. Here are more details:

When I go to Studio Set it shows Steinberg UR-C . I presume this means that the audio drivers are present to talk to Steinberg UR22C. See attached image

However under Audio connections it shows Missing: UR22C Input 1. See attached ima
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Any clues why this is the case. As a result I am unable to start my recording.

Any help appreciated



The first thing I see is that you are using the Generic Low latency ASIO Driver, as audio system used with Cubase. This should be avoid, both for having a decent latency when tracking and second, to be able to get rid of the ‘Not connected’ options seeable in your Audio connections settings.

IOW, you should select the native UR22C ASIO driver one instead, if it has been installed correctly, otherwise you won’t be able to use the device and its inputs/outputs. Now, about the Steinberg I/O, I can’t comment much more, excepting the fact that I don’t have such an option : guess that this is an added integration feature between Steinberg branded hardware and Cubase.

Once done, you’ll have to go again in the Audio connections window (F4 - Studio>Audio Connections… menu option) and, for both Inputs and Outputs panes, define in the different Audio device and Device port columns the relevent inputs/outputs that you’ll use.

Only after these two steps, you’ll be able to use the different inputs/outputs of your device with the Input/Output routing drop down options of the tracks inspector or in the MixConsole…

Thanks for the response @cubic13 . much appreciated.
I set ASIO driver to be Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO under Device Audio System.
Under Studio Audio Connections I can now see UR22C input so that problem is also fixed.

All good and I am now able to record.