Audio connections: adding a plugin

I add an eq to the the audio connection in the project window and it does not work pre or post. The only time it works is when I record with it and play it back. Is this by default? I attempted to make a vocal chain in the audio connection channel.

Don’t know how you could add a “plugin” in the Audio connections window. An EQ hardware unit in the External FX pane, yes, but otherwise…

Rather confusing : it does work or it doesn’t ? :thinking:

Not to the actual window, the actual channel itself in the project window. I have uploaded a pic to show what I am trying to accomplish. I asked a question and I said what I was trying to accomplish. It’s a 2 part sentence.

Basically a virtual vocal chain before going into the actual tracks and actually hearing my eq changes etc BEFORE I record.

The way you use several words makes it unclear what you’re trying to accomplish.

Ok, so what we’re looking at is a plugin inserted into the input track, correct? And you’re saying that if you start singing into that input track but not recording you can hear the voice but not the effect? Is that correct?

And then when you record the effect is recorded along with the voice onto the audio track, correct?

A signal from an audio input can only be heard when a regular audio track is connected to the input. That audio traxk has to be set to monitor the input signal:


I agree.

Again, the question was about hearing the EQ when not recording. It doesn’t seem reasonable and it seems more likely that it’s just a matter of not hearing anything. But that’s not how the question was worded.

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Yes. That’s exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

Yeah, that’s how I see things in a picture format and sometimes my words don’t match whats being shown in my head, sometimes I cant find the words to describe the vision, but it all works out in the end.

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Ahhhhh…I see now…There is no ACTUAL monitor on the actual input…The spaces where the monitor and record are on the track are not on the input. That’s what I was really looking for :joy:
Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 1.09.38 PM

Judging by this screenshot, you are inserting an FX on a mono main input?
I ask this just to make sure …

Yes. That’s exactly what I am doing.

Well, I typically insert effects on tracks (be it Instrument, Audio, MIDI …). If I want to apply 1 FX to more tracks, I use busses or sends …