Audio Connections ALWAYS reset if I forget to power on Focusrite before launching Cubase

1 out of 20 times I start up cubase before powering on my Focusrite unit, and it always unconnects all my analog gear routing, so I have to reconfigure everything.

There must be a simple way to reconnect everything with a simple preset button right?? What am I missing? I can’t figure this out.

Thanks for any help!

Do you disconnect your interface from your computer?
I leave the interface I am currently using connected all the time. If I swap interfaces I plug it in and boot up with it connected as sometimes Cubase throws a hissy fit and crashes if I unplug and swap interfaces and drivers.

Be sure to make presets for the control room and all that for those occasion when you forget to turn the interface on first.

All you need to do is turn on the interface, switch to it, and then use your saved presets to set all the connections back to the way you prefer.

That is what is supposed to happen if Cubase doesn’t detect your interface. It will use a generic interface. As mentioned above save presets then you can easily restore if you forget next time.

I just tried this, the inputs and control room have a preset but external fx do not. I switched over to my focusrite at the warning screen where it’s going to do a default connection. My focusrite is always connected to my computer, but I power it on via my power conditioner. Where is the preset setting here? It now says “Not Connected” for all of them.