Audio connections bar missing

For just about ever, I’ve had the audio connections bar available just above the main window. It has Audio Inputs, Output, Format, etc right above where it says “No Objects Selected.” It seems to be gone now - and only occasionally will I see it come back. That just happened on a new installation, and now it’s gone again. How can I get that helpful thing back? See pic…


This is shown only of something doesn’t seam to be correct (and it’s written in orange). In your case, there is no Audio Input. I’d everything is OK, the bar disappear.

I’ve definitely seen it when nothing is wrong. It always used to show the Project Format, and that is handy to have right there. Anyone else know what this bar is called?

It is the status line


Thank you!

It is hard to find in the help doc when you don’t know what it’s called….


Does it really hide, if there is something orange (unexpected) in the panel?