Audio connections bug

I seem to have to set up my Aiudio Connections every time I launch Cubase Pro 12. Please fix this Steinberg. It was never the case with 11

Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Yes same thing here

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So where are your system specs?
Without that information, it is very hard to reproduce the issue.

Is Cubase writing any settings?
Otherwise, you could miss user permissions to write to system folders.

Do you don’t have the same issue in Cubase Pro 12 then - great! Can you also provide your system specs so we can compare notes? Thanks. It is not good enough that Cubase Pro 11 didn’t have the same issue on the same system? Doh!

Oh well, mine are in my signature…

Does anyone have a solution? Years ago Cubase VST (yes I’m showing my age) used to have a def.all song - the default song. Re-implementing this would probably avoid this. It beats me how the beta testers managed to miss this!

Looks to be happening here too. Every time I start CBP12 I need to reload my input presets in Audio Connections.

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I find it very annoying. I’ve never experienced this with any previous Cubase

It doesn’t look like a general bug since many users can’t confirm this, it could be system related…
Still nobody mentioned any system specs here…

Maybe it’s down to certain sound interface I use an M-Audio M-Track Eight here. I have a second older PC which runs an ancient M-Audio Delta 66 and Delta 44 and it does not have this issue in Cubase 12. The second PC also runs Windows 11 on there which I forced on there. So, in spite of all the cards being stacked against it working, it does not have this issue on pc2! Only on my main, faster, more up to date PC!

I can confirm the behavior described, which I’ve only had since C12. I use a Steinberg interface (UR28M).

I don’t have it with the UA Apollo USB on the studio machine.
Maybe it has something to do with Windows user setup…

@JasonL and @Ian_Forrest
Do you use Windows?

Hi, yes I use Windows 10, this does not happen in cubase 11. I suspect that if I have make a default template, that it will be no longer be a problem, because if I load a saved c12 project, my config is OK. I however almost every time I exit cubase, the next time I start I get a notification that it has crashed on exit.
In terms of devices, rme ucx ii, and cc121 and a couple of USB synths.

So, then this is your real problem… If Cubase crashes on exit, it can’t save preferences or settings.

I seem to have fixed it here by uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase Pro 12. I then setup the Connections and now it remembers them each time on launch. Happy days :slight_smile: