Audio Connections - Bus Names change to Chinese language

Not a huge issue but wondering if anyone else has experienced this in 10.5 Pro:

Buses were named like:

I clicked an existing name and added a prefix to the name, then used Tab to move on to edit the next name. As doing this it auto added an extra hyphen between IN and the number at the end: Mono-IN–1

And it just keeps adding the hyphens when I Tab away after deleting all but one of them: Mono-IN—1

So I used Alt+Tab to move back to edit the extra hyphens out…

That’s when I see: “�䎝”

It replaces my bus name temporarily, and then just like auto correct on a phone, it misnames my bus to what it thinks it should be… Which happens to be the wrong input number…

Removing the hyphen delimiters from my names seems to avoid this happening. It’s almost as if something within the name field validation or some other method analyzing the text field is choking on the hyphens like they are escape characters or parameters.

IDK, figured I’d report it at least.