Audio connections can't detect my computer's default speakers

Can’t understand why though…it’s a new problem. No sound coming out due to no “outputs connections” (because it doesn’t recognizes the speakers).

You need to first select the driver in Studio>Studio Setup>Audio System

already selected . Asio4all. worked great until one second it didn’t

Perhaps it is the asio4all control panel that needs configuring?

It has worked wonderfully up until now. today out of the blue it happened while i was moving from a youtube tab back to cubase and fourth. one moment everything was fine, and then the sound didn’t come from t cubase so I closed it and opened again. and from that moment on, no sound in cubase cause the audio connections can’t map the speakers as an option

Please read carefully, and translate if necessary

The asio4all driver has its own control panel. This is the likely culprit.

May I please get instructions from you on how to enter this control panel and find the source for the problem?

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Our systems are different, but hopefully you’ll see what you need to do once you’re in it the asio4all control panel.

I entered but unfortunately I have no idea what that means or how to fix it