Audio connections - control room, output vs control room

FWIW, here is my setup, using the metronome with the Control Room (I have activated the former on my Headphones channel and tested it for the occasion : no issue…) and a Fireface UCX.

My Main Out output bus is actually decativated : all audio signals going outside Cubase pass via the Control Room (Analog 1/2 being the output bus to the monitors / Analog 7/8 being the one for my headphones), either on my monitors or on my headphones, their level settings being independent, and this way of doing prevents any possible conflict between the Control Room and the Main Out.

This doesn’t prevent any audio mixdown : the files created have everything expected, using the Main Out as only selected channel in the Export Audio Mixdown window. I’ve been working this way during several years without hassle.

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